Make it happen!

When l lived in another country my hobby was making wreaths from flowers for the summer solstice. At this time woman wear flower wreaths for 2 days and also men wear wreaths made of oak leaves. Of course, you can make flower crowns from real flowers and greenery but many people have allergy from flowers these days, besides women may want to wear a flower crown not just at the summer solstice but also for other events in her life and long living flower crown has its advantages. These crowns can be worn for summer festivals, weddings, christening, bachelorette parties and other festive events or even as an everyday accessory for women.I started to make flower crowns when I was at home with my first child and I felt that I needed to do something creative. I made my first crowns just for fun and for my friends. When I offered them to others and shared the photos on social media the interest was amazing. Nevertheless for some time I had put my hobby aside and didn’t make any crowns. Now on other hand I am ready to create again and offer my handmade works to others. Each item I create is made with big love and attention to every detail. I hope that every masterpiece of mine will find the right owner!

I’m ready to make it happen!